So my name is Hank, I have a pretty Epic life, and a pretty epic my head....but I can't seem to get it out of my head without looking like some marketed garbage bag of the same ol', same ol' shit that everyone out there is posting when they try to sell stuff. I've done cool things like climbed pyramids in Guatemala, raced the Nurgurgring in Germany, gone to the Running of the Bulls, and built a ton of epic web sites and invented lots of cool shit. I'd like to tell you about all of that, but my stupid brain can't seem to work when I'm designing my own site....just other peoples sites. Funny how that works.
Sitting under the covers of the worlds simplest web page (this one, for the slow folks) is actually a ton of tech waiting to be unleashed. It's hosted on Microsoft's Azure platform, it's got databases and mobile capabilities, and a virtual ass load of potential capability, but I can't think of what to do with it all, so it just sits there humming away. Even this page is composed in MVC4, with Twitter Bootstrap, and jQuery, and SignalR, and the project it's sitting in is all mega, and amped up, and ready to go, but I don't know why I'm making the site, or what I want it to be, or why I'm spending time doing it instead of watching tv.

If you can stand the suspense, check back at some point to see if I've finally pulled my head out, or check my Twitter page, or, which is my other blog. I'll probably merge them at some point when I get this platform up and running. It's a pretty badassed domain though, right?